Instructions for submitting an order for a 13" Wedding People Platter...

1.  To place the order you will need to fill out an order form and email it to me.
Click here to open the PDF order form for a 13" Wedding People Platter.
2.  Fill out the order form... For each person you want to put on the platter, you will need to make your selections for
their body styles, hair styles and colors using the provided charts.
I will only accept the options that are listed
on the charts provided, so please make ALL selections from the charts only.  The charts are on the last
pages of the order form or you can view them on my website ...
Click here.

*When entering the info for each person, please refer to the placement chart for correct placement of each
Click here to view/print placement chart.
3.  Submit the order form... After you fill out the order form,save the PDF order form file and email the file to me at
4.  When I receive your order form, I will email you confirmation along with the total cost for the order and
instructions for submitting payment for the order.  Please submit all questions prior to sending me the order form.
You can email me at
Wedding People Platter - 13" Coupe Platter
13" Coupe Platter pricing starts at $124.00
Includes 4 people and two short lines of text.
*Additional people are $5 each.
Free Shipping within Continental US!
Pricing for 13" Wedding People Platter:

Platter with ...
4 People = $124.00 - Free Shipping
5 People = $129.00 - Free Shipping
6 People = $134.00 - Free Shipping
7 People = $139.00 - Free Shipping
8 People = $144.00 - Free Shipping
9 People = $149.00 - Free Shipping
10 People = $154.00 - Free Shipping
11 People = $159.00 - Free Shipping
12 People = $164.00 - Free Shipping